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Alagappa preparatory, nursery and primary school, Karaikudi

Our school was founded in 1955 under the Presidency of Shri. P. Kakkan M.P President Tamil Nadu Congress Committee. The school has new grown to strength more than 1600 students with about 55 experienced and qualified teachers.

Classes range from Lower Kinder Garten (LKG) to standard V. The primary medium of instruction in the school is English.

The school is recognized by the State Government of Tamil Nadu and offer subjects as given below:

  • English
  • Tamil
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Hindi
  • Computer Science
  • Physical Education
  • Moral Education
  • Craft
  • Drawing
  • General Knowledge and
  • CCA.

Alagappa preparatory nursery and primary school.

Activities of our school other than academic side –

- Bhajans are conducted on all Fridays.

- On Saturdays we are conducting co-curricular activities like

Calligraphy – Engish, Tamil and Hindi.

Drawing Competition - LKG to V Std.

Standard wise topics are given Memory Test – For I and II Std. By displaying 10 to 20 objects – After observing for 5 minutes they will write the names of the things. For III, IV, V Std., 25, 30 and 40 words respectively will be show in charts and the students will observe them for 5 minutes and then they write.

Spell well Competition - I to V Std.

Recitation Competition - LKG to V Std.,
LKG to III Std., English and Tamil
IV & V Std., English, Tamil & Hindi.

The topics will be selected from outside text books.

Singing Competition : (Patriotic Songs) I to V Std.,

Story telling Competition : For I and II English & Tamil stories.
For III to V English, Tamil & Hindi Stories.

Solo Song Competition : (LKG to V Std)

Rangoli Competition : (LKG to V Std)

During Deepavali – safety awareness programme is conducted every year through the students.

National Festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day are celebrated with due respect and perfection. Apt persons are invited as chief guests for the function. The birthdays of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Kamarajar,

Dr. Radhakrishnan are also celebrated.

Golu is arranged in a grand manner. Daily Pooja is performed. Special Bhajan is conducted on 1st January of every year.

Daily - Meditation is done by all the students for 10 minutes.

Our students are participating in various interschool competitions. They have also secured many prizes. Their achievements for the past two years have been sent.

1. Rotary Club of Karaikudi

Sl.NoNameStdEvent NamePrize
1M. MatheshLKG - AFancy Dress CompetitionIII
2SM. Ragul RamadosV - GDrawing CompetitionI
3R. Miruthula KalyaniV - FMemory SkillIII

2. CECRI - Children’s Day Celebration

Sl.NoNameStdEvent NamePrize
1S. SrithakshaV – GDance CompetitionI Prize

3. Life Insurance Corporation

Sl.NoNameStdEvent NamePrize
1S. AkshayaIII - BDrawing CompetitionI
2SM. Ragul RamadosV - GDrawing CompetitionII
3V. KathirvelII - ADrawing CompetitionIII

4. Koviloor Andavar School(organized)

Sl.NoNameStdEvent NamePrize
1R. Dolly TwinkleII - AThirukkural CompetitionI
2M. HariharanUKG - EDrawing CompetitionI
3T. Raj thilakV - BDrawing CompetitionII

5. Victory Business Company – Super Champion

Sl.NoNameStdEvent NamePrize
1P. IswariyaV - BSinging CompetitionI
2T. Dhanush RajV - GSinging CompetitionII
3A. Subha ShreeV - DSinging CompetitionIII
4S. SrimanIV - FSinging CompetitionIV
5M. Ashik MohamedV – EDrawing CompetitionI
6S. DivyaV – EDance CompetitionIII
7R. Sri SuryaV - GFancy Dress CompetitionII
8S. DharshanaV – GFancy Dress CompetitionIII

6. State Level Karathe Competition

CH. Arwin - V – G

1. Rotary Club of Karaikudi

Sl.NoNameStdEvent NamePrize
1N. AravindhV - FDrawing CompetitionI
2S. Rakesh KumarV - FDrawing CompetitionII
3S. SelviUKG - EThirukkural CompetitionI
4K. PravinaII - CMemory TestII
5S. AkshayaII - BMemory TestIII

2. Lion’s Club of Karaikudi

Sl.NoNameStdEvent NamePrize
1S. DhadtchayaniIV - HDance CompetitionI
2K. PavithranV - FChess Competition
3MS. NisaanthV - GChess Competition

3. Koviloor Andavar School(organized)

Sl.NoNameStdEvent NamePrize
1T. Raj thilakIV - BDrawing CompetitionI
2S. Rakesh KumarIV - FDrawing CompetitionI
3N. Aravindh IV - FDrawing CompetitionI
4S. AnithaIV - BDrawing CompetitionII
5S. DevakumaranIV - DDrawing CompetitionII

4. Potheys - Madurai Branch

Conducted State Level story telling competition in English -

R. Dolly Twinkle – UKG – A - I Prize